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Apostle Ogochukwu releases 2018 prophecies

As the year comes to an end many men of God are preparing to release their revelations on how Nigeria and her people would fare in 2018.
Apostle Ogochukwu Amaukwu, the founder of the Excellent Christian Ministry International has released his prophecies for Nigeria in 2018. The man of God divided the prophecies into three, prophecies for individuals, prophecies for Nigeria and the world. The man of God highlighted that barren women would be blessed with children, he also revealed that corrupt cults would be exposed, he said young men of God would emerge and also prophesied that before the end of 2018 many people would rejoice. On Nigeria, he said the Nigerian government would fight the church and the Northern part of country would face earthquake. The pastor also advised Nigerians to pray against wild fire outbreaks.
Read prophecy below: “The year 2018 is termed “The Year of Abundance and Celebration”, Deut. 33:19b; Prov. 23:18; 2Cor 9:8 INDIVIDUAL
1. It is a year of supernatural surprises
2. The manifestation of God’s spirit and power will be evident and mighty in the lives of many
3. A year of outstanding, debatable, undescribable and terrifying miracles.
4. Many will experience shocking and terrible surprises

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