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Bitcoin Tips: Turn your phone, Laptop into a Money making Machine

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How to go About it = Start by Registering at => Here at Eobot

This site has been operating since 2013 and paying till now.
Though you can earn without depositing any money there, but to be sincere if you don’t invest on this site
it will be long to reach payment threshold.
Lets see how you can Get Registered there.

1. click the link to register Link Here Cloud Mining and the best way to mine cryptocurrency – Eobot
2. log in your account and click on the box by the left hand side of your phone screen >> on the drop down >> choose GHS 4.0
3. Then click on product on dashboard
4. click faucet
5. wait for it to redirect your to solve media, solve the media and click get the reward
then you will be credited with some Hashrate which allow you start Mining for free,
6. Now click account to go back to your dashboard then you will seen Hashrate worth of $0.005
7. To earn more bitcoin, or other coin you can mine on the site.
The offer 5year contract on mining you can start with any amount and keep on reinvesting.
But to start earning $1 per day you have to invest at least $27.
Note: if you want to stick to free you can mine keep mining the Hashrate for about a week or two to get a reasonable amount
of Hashrate which serve as the engine room for mining you coin. i.e Bitcoin, Litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin, dash, zcash, bitcoin cash steem and many others.


There are other ways to earn the currencies to invest on Eobot, i will enumerate in my next article.

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