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Breaking: Seyi Law Running For 2019 Presidential Elections?

Popular stand-up comedian, Seyi Law, passed a very touching motivational speech to the public today (Dec 26),to declare his faith in Nigeria amidst the lingering fuel scarcity crisis that has almost halted transportation nationwide.
The hilarious 34-year-old comedian rounded off his speech with an open declaration of his interest in the apex political position in Nigeria.

See the speech below:

“I believe in a Nigeria that we will all be proud of. A Nigeria where the leaders are proactive. A Nigeria where the strength of the youths will be maximise. A Nigeria where the wisdom of the elders is not relegated. I believe in a Nigeria where our seasons of festivities will be a time of celebration and love. A Nigeria where business owners will not take advantage of citizens because of Government’s failures to do the right things. A Nigeria where the leaders will speak up and speak right. I believe in a Nigeria that will shun the division of tribes and barriers of religions. A Nigeria that cares for all its citizens and our peaceful co-existence. A Nigeria where our green lands will feed us and reach out to many nations. A Nigeria where the technological advancement we seek will open us to new horizons. A Nigeria where none will be denied education. A Nigeria where good healthcare is affordable and available. I believe in a new Nigeria and above all, a better YOU.
Compliments of The Season to You. God bless You and God bless Nigeria. SEYILAW FOR PRESIDENT.

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