DENT DATA: Yes it is real, I know many people must have heard of this app, working very well as at the time of publishing this post 14/06/2018.

I will show you, simple trick on how you can even earn more data, upto 10GiG of Data for a month, let hit straight.

Step 1:

Just click this link to install the app and sign up with your number and you get your data instantly. You get a bonus of 50Dent which you can redeem to buy data worth 250mb.

Download App Here from Play store..

Do you know that when you refer someone you get 20 dent and your referral also get 20 dent, so it is win win game..

See the notification image below of mb.

Image credit: Morenaija


You get more Data by simple referring friends. Yes you earn 20 Dent for each referrer.

151 dent will give you 1.5gig for a month..

Step 3:

Here comes the big trick, I’ll show you how you can get more referrer bonus by just referring yourself.. Yes so sweet you can refer yourself for as long as you want…

Let’s go there.

  • First backup the apk then uninstall it from your phone.
  • Then click on your referral link to sign up when it takes you to playstore to install minimise it
  • Then go and install the backup
  • Go back to playstore and open it from there.

Thats all o.. You just register again but use someone else number or your other Sims number so as to get the verification code… Enjoy..

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