desmond tutu death is another fake death Story to South africans
desmond tutu death is another fake death Story to South africans

SOUTH AFRICA, CAPE TOWN,  Desmond tutu death fake – Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has dismissed fake media reports claiming he died while on a visit to the United States.

Desmond tutu death fake

“There is a false story doing the rounds today [Sunday] suggesting that Archbishop Emeritus Tutu has passed away in the United States,” his office said in a brief statement.

Spokesperson Roger Friedman in a statement said the “fake story” had been circulating on Sunday and claimed that he had died in the US.

“The Archbishop and Mrs Leah Tutu are in fact in good health and spirits at home in the Western Cape,” said spokesperson Roger Friedman.

They had been inundated with calls after the rumours circulated on social media, and “made to look like it came from the New York Times”, Friedman.

The story is still up on the fake “New York Times” website.

He thought it best to dismiss the rumours before it was published by mainstream outlets.

It’s not the first time Tutu has been the subject of a fake news story about his rumoured death.

In September 2016, Tutu’s daughter Mpho dismissed another similar story, labelling the hoax “distressing”.

She said her 84-year-old dad wasn’t on his iPad at the time so she did not think it affected him adversely.

She felt these fake stories were “very disturbing and incredibly unkind to not only the family but to people around the world who really do love and care and support the Arch”.


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