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Make Money on Social Media – How To Make $5 Daily for social media posts

There are more money-making opportunities on social media than you might realize. Social media, in fact, can be quite lucrative. learn How to Make Money on Social Media, How you can Make $5 Daily for social media posts

There are so many legitimate ways to make money online these days so it should come as no surprise that you can use social media to earn extra money as well.

According to Pew Research, 79% of all internet users use Facebook, 32% of all online adults use Instagram, 31% use Pinterest, 29% use LinkedIn, and 24% use Twitter.

Given the fact there there are so many people on social media, some people have decided to cash in on the popularity of some of these platforms and use them to make money.

If you spend time on social media regularly anyway, you may want to follow suit.

Make Money on Social Media


  • Your Phone  or Laptop with any sub, even if its opera-mini sub
  • Your time – at least 20 minutes of your time in a day.
  • An Email Adress
  • A twitter account
  • A facebook account
  • A linkedin account if any
  • A Verified Paypal account for payout.
  • Or any social media account with Audience

To start After connecting to internet visit This Site Get registered.

After registration using the required datas.


then click on the Share and Earn link

A page opens like this below

underneath it you will seelink to share on any social media

you can also clink on the socicial medias available there to share.

The more your friend click the link and read the news the more your account with them is credited with 0.06$ which if accumulated you can withdraw to you Paypal Account at exactly $5 USD of Above.

NOTE: You can make up to $100 or more dollars in a day or more.

you can withdraw at any time you reach the payout of $5.

Drop your comments and Testimonies below.

you can also Contact me On whatsapp : +2348033322544

for more explanation and to know how to get a paypal and verify it.

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