Neutrality repeal: How Net neutrality ends Affect everyone
Neutrality repeal: How Net neutrality ends Affect everyone

Net Neutrality repeal Benefit: This article we answer the question on what happens when net neutrality ends?, How does net neutrality affect me?

The net neutrality repeal will become effective on April 23, 2018; this is why most people haven’t seen significant changes since the repeal vote in December.

For many Americans, the upcoming changes mean that Comcast, Charter, and other major Internet providers will dominate the Internet marketplace with anti-competitive services and policies.


Net Neutrality repeal Benefit

Net neutrality protections have safeguarded Internet users and ensured that the Internet was an equal-opportunity marketplace for digital services. This means that all types of services could coexist and sustain themselves; without net neutrality, the landscape of Internet-based services will become significantly more homogeneous.

Internet providers were the organizations that championed the repeal of net neutrality, and the effects we’ll start seeing in a month are probably going to benefit the providers while harming consumers and Internet-based services.

In countries where net neutrality is not legally protected, Internet providers tend to offer Internet service like they offer cable TV: services are grouped together and sold as upgrades to the basic package.

Until April, Americans will have unrestricted access to what essentially amounts to all the upgrades that will be offered once the repeal is made law. Now we don’t have extra fees; later we will.

On the other side of the fiber-optic cable, content providers will be paying tolls as well. Netflix using too much of Comcast’s bandwidth? Charge ’em. YouTube clogging the Internet pipes? They’re gonna have to pay up.

And how will Netflix and YouTube stay in business if they have to pay exorbitant network fees? They’ll pass the buck to consumers. And let’s not sadden ourselves by thinking about all the small businesses that’ll simply be snuffed out when they can’t pay Mr. Internet.

Your base Internet service price may go down. That’d be great, but the cost of remaining connected will probably be pushed sky-high by the other Internet-related costs like Netflix’s increased fees and YouTube’s perpetual ads.

Net neutrality is one issue where Americans come together; it’s unfortunate that we have to suffer from the tyranny of the minority with this one.


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