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Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles in Nigeria To Try Before 2017 Ends

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Every year, new hairstyle trends arise but we never really get to try everything. Partly because we do not know such hairstyles exist.

Here are top 10 Trendy Hairstyles in Nigeria To Try Before the year end.

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1. The high bun puff.

1. The high bun puff. Puff is a sophisticated hairstyle, but it is easy to maintain all the same.

Puff is a sophisticated hairstyle, but it is easy to maintain all the same.


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2. Embroidery box braids.

Embroidery box braids

Box braids are the in thing. When having box braids, request for embroidery on the braids. A simple addition that makes a world of difference!



[nextpage title=”Beaded Cornrows” ]

3. Beaded Cornrows.

Beaded Cornrows

Cornrows have become quite popular. Add some beads to style your hair. Ensure that your stylist knows what they are doing.


[nextpage title=”Fringe bun with relaxed hair” ]

4. Fringe bun with relaxed hair.

Fringe bun with relaxed hair

Relax your hair if it’s not soft and have it styled into a fringe.


[nextpage title=”Flat ironed straight hair” ]

5. Flat ironed straight hair.

Flat ironed straight hairFlat ironed straight hair

Straight hair is easy to maintain and style. Just make sure it doesn’t entangle because it looks disastrous when it does.



[nextpage title=”12 inch Ombre hair” ]

6. 12 inch Ombre hair.

12 inch Ombre hair

Ombre is beautiful especially if you choose colors that go well with your skin tone and type of clothes.



[nextpage title=”Bob cut look” ]

7. Bob cut look.

Bob cut look

If you love short hair get on this!


[nextpage title=”Chunky curly hair” ]

8.  Chunky curly hair.

Chunky curly hair

Curly hair is always a good idea. You could go for a crotchet hairstyle for this, so that it’s easy to maintain.




[nextpage title=”Colored natural hair” ]

9. Colored natural hair.

Colored natural hair

Natural hair is easy to maintain, so why not try out this style if you are a fan of natural hair? Color your hair to your desired color to have a bold look. Just make sure you find out on how to style it and keep it healthy.


[nextpage title=”Zig Zagged Pattern Fat Cornrows” ]

10. Zig Zagged Pattern Fat Cornrows

Zig Zagged Pattern Fat Cornrows





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